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The OECD corporate minimum tax: a disaster in the making

Allan Lanthier says it's time for accounting firms, bodies and industry groups to challenge the flaws in the OECD global corporate minimum tax plan
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10 things everyone should know about taxation

Why Québec Premier François Legault’s ethically and legally questionable tax on the unvaxxed was not a tax but a levy

Canadian accountants thrilled with awarding of new ISSB disclosure standards hub

Montreal one of three global hubs for new accounting body based in Frankfurt
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The Pandora Papers: How punishing tax cheats can serve as a deterrent

Punishing tax evasion enablers could also compel taxpayers to comply with tax laws, says Professor Tisha King, CPA, CGA
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Will the OECD eliminate corporate tax avoidance? We’ll see

Allan Lanthier analyzes the most sweeping overhaul of global tax rules in more than a century

Sunday News Roundup 21.10.10: Pandora Papers, global tax deal, elephant tails, and more 

Wrapping up the odds and ends in this week’s Canadian accounting news
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Paid millions to hide trillions: Pandora Papers expose financial crime enablers, too

Greater transparency and accountability is needed says University of Ottawa accounting professor Marc Tassé, CPA, CA

The future of auditing: why plans to sharpen up the industry could actually make it worse

Unintended consequences of UK audit reforms will hurt smaller companies and non-profits
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Global minimum corporation tax rate: why the argument that it breaches EU law will probably fail

But legal argument just one obstacle towards implementation says Professor Rebecca Parry
Transfer Pricing

Common misperceptions about the G7 global corporate tax rate pact

Popping some media inaccuracies about the G7 two-pillar framework with Canadian tax lawyer and accountant David J Rotfleisch
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Tooth or Consequences: The Perils of Online Tax Filing

Allan Lanthier explains a recent case in the UK Supreme Court, HMRC v Tooth, and its consequences in a Canadian context

Dealing with Canada – Challenges and opportunities for global wealth and tax planners

Rahul Sharma and Jennifer A. N. Corak of Miller Thomson LLP present three common scenarios of non-Canadian or foreign trusts where Canada's Income Tax Act rules intersect with the international wealth planning of taxpayers