Al Rosen

How to detect two common IFRS investor traps

Is an IFRS-reported company really more valuable than one using U.S. GAAP?
Al Rosen

Abusing income is self-destructive to the accounting profession

Columnist Al Rosen says loose definitions of income could ultimately be destructive to the accounting profession
Al Rosen

Does Canadian accounting suffer from groupthink?

Al Rosen says today's accounting profession simply spouts the party line

NOCLAR raises many questions from Canadian accountants

Chartered Professional Accountants weigh in on the challenges of complying with a new ethics standard

NOCLAR demands careful weighing by Canadian Accountants

New IESBA ethics standard addresses client confidentiality vs. public interest
Al Rosen

Time to Phase Out IFRS in Canada

Look to the marijuana industry to see the flaws of IFRS

Ethics and trust in a digital age

New ACCA report offers scenarios and solutions to digital ethical challenges

CPA Canada building on sustainability, climate change initiatives

National accounting body supports Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project as part of the Prince of Wales's Charities Foundation
Bridget Noonan

Quality Assurance: How CSQC 1 can provide real value to your accounting firm

Breaking down the seven requirements in the Canadian Standard on Quality Control 1

Recent news from Canada's accounting standards boards

A proposed new standard on public private partnerships from the PSAB leads off our updates

CPA Canada supports globally consistent climate-related financial reporting

Even as the Trump administration dismisses global warming, an international task force has laid the groundwork for consistent global reporting standards

Canadian Accountant columnist Al Rosen profiled in New York Times

Al Rosen is the subject of "Warren Buffett Invests in Canada, but Should You?," by Gretchen Morgenson in her column, "Fair Game," which examines the world of finance and its impact on investors, workers and families