Tax Law Analysis: Recent CRA guideline regarding cryptocurrency

Tax laywer and accountant David J. Rotfleisch on how the CRA sees cryptocurrencies

Bakorp Management: A milestone case for Canadian income tax law

Part I, Bakorp Management Ltd. v. Her Majesty The Queen: Choice of venue matters

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Canada: A brief overview of tax history

Canadian calls for tax reform have been met with minimal success
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The nature of taxes

Vern Krishna, FCGA, FCPA, CM, QC looks at taxation historically and in Canada
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Tax Reform: Less talk and more action, please

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Canadian tax issues involving the concept of agency

Three examples as an introduction to Canadian tax issues involving agency

The tax implications of condo flipping

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Why successful investors should worry about the CRA coming after their TFSAs

Stevan Novoselac and Reea Galeano of Gowling WLG on warrants