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Brian Hunt, a material retirement

Directors who serve on their board’s audit committee have significantly greater responsibility today than they did 15 years ago. Retiring CPAB CEO Brian Hunt, FCPA, FCA, played a key role in that shift.

10 fearless predictions for Canadian accounting in 2018

Demographics, technology and politics are driving transformational change in Canadian accounting
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Why A.I. scares auditors

In part two of "Catching up with Baruch Lev," the author of "The End of Accounting" tells a story about the transformative potential of artificial intelligence to disrupt the audit profession through machine learning
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Catching up with Professor Baruch Lev

"The End of Accounting" author says his book has resonated because accounting and financial reporting no longer meets the needs of investors or CFOs
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Ian Lee: From the Panama Papers to capital gains

CBC Television personality Ian Lee of the Sprott School of Business is outspoken on the subject of taxation in Canada