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International Accounting Day: Thanking Canada's Accounting Professionals

An open letter from David Marquis, Country Manager, Intuit Canada

Author: David Marquis

Dear Canadian Accounting Professionals:

David Marquis, Intuit Canada
David Marquis is Country Manager at Intuit Canada.

Since joining Intuit Canada in 2019, I’ve had the opportunity to see for myself what so many of my colleagues had expressed about our accountant and bookkeeper community. Your ability to navigate change, your compassion for your clients, and your curiosity and creativity that make you problem solvers at heart are among many of the admirable qualities that you all possess. Your hard work and valued partnership that drive success for small businesses around the world is recognized by everyone at Intuit, day in and day out.

That’s why I’m grateful for the opportunity to celebrate International Accounting Day with you all. In 1972, the California Society of CPAs marked this day to inspire those starting their careers to explore accounting as a profession. Now, November 10th marks a time for us to stop and celebrate your important contributions to the world of business and our economy.

At Intuit Canada, accounting professionals are our trusted and valued partners, sharing the same mission to help small businesses grow and prosper. Your commitment to your clients inspires us each and every day. It fuels the fire behind our big ideas as we look for new ways to help grow your practices and scale your impact to continuously deliver for your clients.

Because of you, we believe small business owners are more financially stable, more creditworthy, and two times more likely to succeed. With you as their trusted advisors, I am optimistic for the future of our small business community.

I want you to know that as our long-standing partners, we are committed to listening to your needs and finding new ways to meet them. We are grateful for your partnership and the incredible role you play in helping small businesses prosper. From all of us at Intuit Canada, to the accounting professionals hard at work every day, thank you for all that you’ve done, and continue to do, for Canadians across the country.

Please enjoy this short video for an extra special message from small businesses and the Intuit team around the world.

Looking forward,


David Marquis
Country Manager
Intuit Canada

With more than 20 years of experience driving transformational growth for companies in North America, David is an accomplished technology leader. Today, he’s at the helm of Intuit Canada. As Country Manager, he leads a team that’s passionate about powering prosperity for Canadians – and in turn, the country’s economy. David is driven to improve Canada’s position as a technology leader on the world stage.

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