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Black people bring unique perspectives to the accounting profession. Here’s how you can be an ally and why it’s important to do

Latisha Carter of Xero on bridging the opportunity gap for the Black community within accounting and other financial professions

Corporate leadership: Why the tone at the top has moral consequences

CPA Michael Rousseau of Air Canada is but one example of corporate leaders failing to set the tone at the top
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4 ways companies can avoid post-pandemic employee turnover

High employee turnover is unwelcome news for employers, says Professor Erica Pimentel, CPA, CA, of the Smith School of Business, Queen's University

Much room for best workplace improvement for Canadian accounting firms

How did Bateman MacKay, EY Canada, and Grant Thornton make the annual list of Best Workplaces in Canada 2021 and how can accounting firms learn from them?
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Why employees hesitate to speak up at work — and how to encourage them

The concept of employee voice and importance of higher-quality ideas

Lessons from Donald Trump: Does a toxic CEO ever truly leave?

Be on guard for disciples, says Management Professor Steven H. Appelbaum

Zoom work relationships are a lot harder to build – unless you can pick up on colleagues’ nonverbal cues

Two important ways employees can overcome the downside of video meetings
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Remote work requires us to reconsider how to evaluate and pay employees

Professional services employee evaluation, compensation schemes don’t work when WFH, says Erica Pimentel, CPA, CA
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Have we just stumbled on the biggest productivity increase of the century?

By eliminating commuter time, working from home can boost productivity
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How to maintain employee development during the pandemic

Accounting firms are changing the ways they develop employees during COVID-19, says Erica Pimentel, CPA, CA

Shifting to virtual: 3 tips to foster and promote team collaboration

With the rise in virtual teams comes the necessity to find innovative and effective ways to encourage collaboration, says Sofia Arisheh
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COVID-19 could have a lasting, positive impact on workplace culture

Accounting firms will allow senior employees to work from home, says Erica Pimentel, CPA, CA